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Image: KCM Blog

Image: KCM Blog

Let’s consider some trends which indicate now might in fact be the time to buy. Two factors determine the “cost” of a home: the sales price and mortgage interest rate. As those factors rise, clearly so does the cost of buying a home. What’s happening in the current market? First, the trend in nearly every market seems to be rising prices. No, we’re not seeing the crazy bubble of a few years ago, but it appears we are seeing an increasing momentum in recovery from the crash. Second, mortgage interest rates, while still low, are continuing to rise – and all experts are predicting this trend to continue. As these two factors climb, so does the “cost” to purchase a home. Take a look at the KCM Blog here for a great example of the difference in cost today from just one year ago. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, call me today so we can meet to discuss your particular situation and develop a game plan to meet your goals.


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